Colonial Fireproofing Solutions

Whether it is new construction or an existing structure, Colonial Fireproofing offers an array of code compliant solutions designed to fortify structural steel, concrete, and other common building materials.


Spray-on application used to coat steel and cement supports in order to protect a building’s structural integrity against failure in the event of fire.


This fire resistant paint expands significantly when exposed to the extreme temperature of fire. As the product expands it creates an insulation barrier to protect structural members.


Sheet material used to wrap steel beams and cement structures.  Resists water and high temperatures and protects against structural damage.

Freedom Tower, NYC
911 Center - Bronx, NY

Monokote®, fireproofing backed by a global reputation, is a life-safety product designed to reduce the rate of temperature rise in steel or concrete in the event of a fire. This prolongs the structural integrity of the elements, which allows more people to leave a building in an emergency situation, and gives first responders time to save the building.

Based on its easy-to-use characteristics, global reputation and lengthy proven history, Monokote® has been employed in some of the world’s biggest projects. The MGM City Center in Las Vegas, employed over 500,000 bags of GCP Applied Technologies fireproofing product. Likewise, the architects of Singapore’s Keppel Bay Bridge and New York City’s own Freedom Tower have each specified Monokote® products to keep their buildings safe.


All fireproofing and fire-resisitant products used by Colonial Fireproofing have been tested and approved to ensure strict code compliance and to meet or exceed industry standards.



The effects of fire are devastating and often result in countless hours of productivity, serious injury or even worse, fatality.

Thanks to revolutionary advances in fireproofing and passive fire protection technologies, the materials used by Colonial Fireproofing are guaranteed to ensure that fire stays compartmentalized to mitigate the spread of flames, maintain stability of load-bearing components and provide additional time for safe evacuation.


Heat resistant barrier insulates structural members, delaying any loss to building integrety.

Products are guaranteed to expand the life of building structure.

Proven in-place performance.  Low in-place cost.

Our team of skilled and highly experienced professionals are trained in the most contemporary fireproofing applications. Colonial Fireproofing has earned a reputation for high quality installations and responsive service.

Products We Use & Tech Specs

Learn more about the U/L compliant fireproofing and fire protection materials used by Colonial Fireproofing.

  • Monokote MK-6 GF

  • Monokote MK-6 HY

  • Monokote MK-6s

  • Flame Control 50-50

  • Thermoseal A Side

  • Thermoseal 500 B

  • Thermoseal 500 B HY

  • Thermoseal CCX

  • Thermoseal SPF6

  • Accelerator A-20

  • Southwest 5GP

  • Southwest DK3

  • Southwest VOC

  • Rigid Foam

  • Xylol

  • Fiberglass Insulation

  • Cellulose Insulation

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